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Simple Production — Movies, The Merchants of influence


The Merchants of influence

52 / 1995

Kamal Dehane

Situated at the intersection of economic interests and political decision, lobbying intrigues as much as it fascinates. It seems mysterious, and for that reason contributes to all sorts of fantasies. In Brussels, the lobbies are doing a thriving business. Their number, their diversity and their methods have made the European capital a paradise for groups with world-wide interests. Starting from a double-pronged report-the existence of a unique phenomenon towards which a bundle of social concerns converge -the film responds to a series of simple questions : who are these lobbyists? How do they act? What interests do they defend, with what means? And to lay out the whole palette of lobbies and their techniques, lobbyists and European parliamentarians take part to respond to the fundamental question : is lobbying a menace or an asset to the proper functioning of our democracies? 


  • Author and Director : Kamal Dehane
  • Authors : Ariel Camacho and Laurent Guyot

Production and Partners

  • Delegated producer : Lapsus
  • Coproducer : Simple production
  • Broadcasting coprod. : RTBF Bruxelles and la Sept ARTE
  • With the support of : Procirep
  • Distributor : Doc and Film International
  • Broadcaster : Sept ARTE


  • Original version : French


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