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Simple Production — Movies, Au nom de l'humanité : le tribunal de La Haye


Au nom de l'humanité : le tribunal de La Haye

90 / 1999

Edina Ajrulovski

This film shows the concrete action of the tribunal and evokes its daily problems by allowing both magistrates and victims to talk. They come from Srebrenica, Brcko or Prijedor... What is genocide ? "Genocide aims at the destruction of an entire group of individuals for religious, political or ethnic reasons. Even if it does not succeed, it is enough that the act is committed with this intention. It can also be cultural..." reminds Fouad Abdel-Honeim Riad, judge at the tribunal of The Hague. And the historian Colin Kaiser, called as a witness for the prosecution, continues : "In all our societies, there are political parties, intellectuals who dream of cleansing their territory and their history. The war in Bosnia has shown how to go about it. And that it works." "Au nom de l'humanité, le tribunal de La Haye" follows the difficult exercise of the International Penal Tribunal (IPT) which, since 1993, has judged the crimes perpetrated in former Yugoslavia and, more particularly, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The film centres on the stubborn quest of Hajra Catic, a member of the association of the "Women of Srebrenica". Her husband and one of her sons disappeared following the fall of the enclave in July 1995, with ten thousand other people. The narrative, sober and poignant, alternates between extracts from the trials of those responsible for these "crimes against humanity" and testimonies from those who managed to escape, parents of the victims, experts making enquiries on the spot and members of the IPT. Even if Edina Ajrulovski does not fail to emphasise certain limits of the procedure employed (both in the field and on the international level) "Au nom de l'humanité" proves that justice can rise above and beyond politics and that war criminals can no longer escape with impunity.


  • Author and Director : Edina Ajrulovski
  • Super 16 mm
  • Color

Production - Partners - Distribution

  • Delegated producer : Films d'ici
  • Coproduction : Simple production - Sanelma Future
  • Coproduction broadcaster : Sept ARTE
  • Participation : CNC
  • Distribution : Sanelma Future
  • TV Rights : ARTE France Distribution
  • Diffusion-Consultation : BPI (Bibliothèque publique d'information)
  • Broadcaster TV : Sept ARTE


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