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Simple Production — Movies, War Is Not a Game


War Is Not a Game

52'/87' / 2010

Lode Desmet

This film is about one of the noblest enterprises mankind ever undertook : to civilize war by imposing rules on it : the Geneva Conventions. But is it possible to civilize war ? 

This film will explore the history of the conventions together with testimonies of soldiers on the ground who have or have had to put the rules of the Geneva Conventions into practice. The soldiers will come from the four corners of the planet because the film wants to be as universal as the Geneva Conventions claim to be.


  • Scriptwriter and Director : Lode Desmet
  • Image : Hans De Bauw - Philippe Lavalette
  • Sound : Cédric Mariotti - Arnaud Derimay - Martin Desranleau - Yannick Dox
  • Editors : Anne-Laure Guégan - Linda Ibbari
  • Music : Serge Laforest - Martin Rouillard
  • Sound Mixing : Pascale Schaer - Sabrina Calmels

Production and Partners

  • Production : Simple Production - Lieurac Productions - Office national du film du Canada - Point Prod
  • Coproduction : RTBF - ARTE France - TSR - Belgacom
  • Partners : Société Radio-Canada, Lichtpunt, YLE TV1, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF), Centre National de la Cinématographie, Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles & Programme MEDIA de la Commission Européenne développement et diffusion


  • Festival du court métrage et de la vidéo 2011 (Yorkton, Canada)
  • Documentary Film and Video Festival 2011 (Vancouver, Canada)


  • Prix Europa 2010 - Berlin, Germany - nominated in the category of TV Documentary
  • Golden Sheaf Awards / Short Film and Video Festival - Yorkton, Canada (2011)
  • Prix Colin-Low of the best Canadian documentary - Doxa - Documentary Film and Video Festival - Vancouver, Canada - 6/05/2011


  • French version with French subtitles
  • Nederlandse versie met Nederlandse ondertitels


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