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Simple Production — Movies, It's a Bet! Sports and Gambling


It's a Bet! Sports and Gambling

52' / 2012

Hervé Martin Delpierre

From Macao to London, Geneva and Shanghai, this dectective story into a hermetic and secret world investigates what is bound to become a scandal of international proportions.

2011 has marked a revolution in the worlds of both amateur and professional sports. The legalization of internet betting in Europe is going to generate a yearly income of 500 billions euros. That's more than drug trafficking. 

Based on a system that is similar to the stock exchange, sport betting is exploding with the global flow of money. It is all about major profits and the hope of easy cash in the privacy of one's living room. But for a few to win big... many have to loose. 

What about sports itself ? Suspicion of cheating is already poisoning international competitions and legal trials in Belgium and Germany are multiplying. No sport, no athlete is left unscathed. 

The question has to be asked : Will this be the death of competitive sports?


  • Scriptwriter : Hervé Martin Delpierre
  • Director : Hervé Martin Delpierre
  • Editors : Hervé Martin Delpierre & Emmanuelle Joly
  • Cameraman : Hervé Martin Delpierre
  • Sound Engineer : Samuel Mispreuve
  • Sound mixing : Alexis Oscari & Romain Drouillon (Dame Blanche)

Production and Partners

  • Production : Simple Production - Crescendo films
  • Development : RTBF, VRT, ARTE France, le Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Procirep-Angoa, TSR, Radio Canada RDI, Middle East news, Al Arabiya, Tax Shelter (Dame Blanche), Belgacom


  • ARTE Distribution


  • English version 72'
  • English version 52'
  • French version 72'
  • French version 52'


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